My name is Inder Jain. I am in Gems stone n jewelry from last 29 years and started industry with ram Nowal Ji Ashok Nowal Ji emerald manufacturers,Paras Gotam and co. emarald stone cut n polish unit with Mr. Arun Ji, Nandu Ji Gupta gemstone cutting polished stone unit under Mr. Anil Ji Gupta ast. supervisor.

TZ mfs supervisor with Mr. Ravi Haldya,self employed with gems stone, diamond n diamond jewellery, great experience with Sambhav Gems.


My name is Ashok Jain and I was born 27th nov 1948. In the past I have done multiple businesses like electronics, theatres , sarees etc and gained experience, knowledge, management skills but the one thing that is missing was - Success. Then I have done multiple jobs also but I'm not getting the satisfaction,then my son started the jewellery business named " Nakoda diamonds" in 2017 and is looking for the team mate who can handle accounts and finance department, which was the greatest opportunity for me to help my son and to grow the company. I am engaged in the finance & accounts department and also managing the gold department. The combination of us will surely help the company to expand.!!.


My name is Pratibha Jain. Born on 28th November 1975 in Jaipur. Firstly, Established myself as a home maker and then in 2017, my husband start up a jewelry diamond business who was already involved in this industry with an experience of 32 years and looking for partner.

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